Day 53: Coasting

It seems like this blog is becoming more of a ‘notes to myself’ situation so I’m not entirely sure of what the readership will get from it, but I’ll keep it honest and I guess it’ll have whatever effect it’ll have on those who are continuing to read it.

I feel like I’m coasting at the moment and I’m not sure if that’s a good thing (but it feels pretty good). I’m feeling good about and really ‘picturing’ abundance coming in and growing. I’m not really doing my consciousness ‘work’ as much as I would have expected. It seems that lulls in spiritual growth occur so often when the external circumstances improve. I am going to consider the question over the next few days as to whether I’m falling into a familiar trap or if I’m actually moving forward in the best way.


2 thoughts on “Day 53: Coasting

  1. I prefer the personal blog versus the teaching type blog. If we are truly one then your every day experiences are my experiences as well…

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