Day 55: Reconfiguring

On a day that I reconfigured my wireless network, adding an old router and creating a stronger signal through the house (which I’m quite proud of), it occurs to me that this project needs to be reconfigured a bit.

Perhaps what threw me off recently was the freedom I gained from my in-laws taking care of the baby often, which ‘relieved’ me from a very intense focus since I used my free time to recapture some of the enjoyment of my old lifestyle. There seemed to be less urgency for intense presence in the space of things working out so well lately. Does that make sense?

Something inside me knows that reaching for intense presence is what I need to be doing right now though. I have some adjustments to make in terms of keeping my focus on that under these new circumstances.

But I feel good and I feel happy right now. Certainly a nice place to start.

One thought on “Day 55: Reconfiguring

  1. sometimes I actually feel uncomfortable when things are easy because it feels as if something must be wrong. probably have to get used to that.

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