Day 58: Cutting Some Slack

I missed a blog entry yesterday as I got home after 2 a.m from playing hockey and then having a drink with a friend. That’s the second time it’s happened since I got back from vacation but I have decided not to beat myself up over not completely blogging on consecutive days and really focus on the deeper essence of the project: staying mindful and manifesting abundance.

I feel that one day soon I will be drawn to a renewed commitment to intense presence, it’s just that it is not happening at the moment and I need to be ok about it. As I have said before, having my wife’s parents here helping us out has given me the opportunity to enjoy a bit more free time, get out and do some work (tutoring writing, which I am enjoying, and some coaching as well, which I love). At the same time it can be a distraction and I need to learn to deal with it.

I had an interesting feeling today that I’ll just express as it is. I started thinking about “The Jet Song” from my favorite musical “West Side Story” and even started singing it in the car. I had an image of myself going to an audition (I used to perform in musical theatre and loved it) and singing that song and just blowing people away with my confidence.  Not sure where that thought originated, but it was a nice feeling nonetheless!

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