Day 59: The Design

I have often found that casting our world as a play with people choosing to be good guys and bad guys for the purpose of evolving consciousness very liberating, in the sense that it is much easier to understand and forgive all malevolent acts. And I believe it speaks to the awakening we are all coming up to, where loving our enemies is an essential step for all of us to make. I came upon a quick story that refers to this on the American Kabuki website:

The Cosmic Architects and Designers were all present, admiring their brilliant design and machinations of all the Cosmos.  It was done.

One smiled with an Inner-Knowing that unsettled the others.  One questioned, “Who will play the bad guy roles?”

The Architects and Designers all looked in expectant silence of each other, as each became Aware that they really did not want to play these darkest roles… for a reason they could not identify.

Each Architect and Designer looked amongst each other, still not able to identify this unsettling feeling that propelled “Not I” to issue from their Being in various resigned tones.

One said, “I will play the ‘bad guy’ roles, on one condition.”

Feeling an unidentified inner-relief at the offer, yet, inexplicably even more unsettled, the others asked, “What is the condition?

One said, “That One of You remembers, with all Your Being, to tell Me You Love Me while I Am playing ‘the bad guy’ roles.”

The confusion reverberated through in at this seemingly insignificant and simple condition.  Finally, the unsettling feelings within the others propelled the silent question to be spoken:  “Why?”

One said, “Because, if You forget to tell Me You Love Me, with all Your Being, I Am lost within these dark roles, potentially for eternity, until the moment You Do remember.

The eternal weight and significance of this once, seemingly simple condition, shined a new light to their Cosmic design.

Isn’t this great?

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