Day 62: It’s Time

The time has come.

Making changes out of necessity is powerful. Making changes out of choice is even more powerful, because then I am no longer driven by external circumstances, but simply have come to realize once and for all what the best way to be is.

I believe the universe does nudge or push us in the direction we need to go, but the full event, what we are here to experience, is to choose presence, oneness, God, without being pushed from the outside in the slightest.

I don’t know the full requirements of this choice. In this moment, I know inside myself the type of daily thoughts and actions I could be making to move me in the right direction… letting go of over-indulgence, getting past my small addictions, getting things done that will help to create a more sacred space around me and emanate a higher vibration for those around me.

It starts here, quietly, without fanfare. And the plan is, as it always has been, to report on the miracles that come forth as a result.

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