Day 64: Change

A change has come.

I met a friend and coaching client that I haven’t seen in a while, and in the first few minutes of our conversation she reminded me of my plans several months ago to start a coaching website. I recalled the excitement of speaking to her about it. And in speaking to her about this blog, my own feelings revealed to me that it is not turning out to be something I am excited to be doing on a daily basis. The only thing that was keeping me to it was my commitment itself, but it is no longer serving me.

Though I am still quite interested in trying to measure the effects of intense presence and intention over the course of a year, and will be continuing with the project, this blog no longer seems an essential aspect of it.

I am currently considering changing this website into something closer to my original plan–a hub for interactive coaching conversations. My friend reminded me of how much benefit she got from our coaching sessions, and I want to get back to the enjoyment of having a direct positive impact on people’s lives.

Thank you to those who have followed me on this journey up to now. I hope you stay with me through the changes I have planned!

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