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PNC book coverMy book “Parables for the New Conversation” will be available for sale on this site shortly. It is a spellbinding odyssey through metaphor and prose, personal sagas and historic events, where together author and reader explore the proposal that at its most profound level, life is really about having fun.

This book might remind one at first of Khalil Gibran’s classic The Prophet, with its collection of metaphorical stories on a variety of subjects relating to the human condition. And yet, from its very first parable, the tone of Parables for the New Conversation is noticeably different. The people on the island of Allandon begin to laugh when the hermit emerges from forty years of silence to speak his wisdom, because they have already ascertained the lesson he offers through their lived experience—the need to remind one another not to take ourselves so seriously!

More and more, our search for meaning and fulfillment is moving away from the loftiness of ritualized religion to a simpler and more personal spiritual space grounded in laughter and shared experience. In the new conversation people are invited to bring all their thoughts, beliefs, fears, and dreams without being judged. In a space where no truth is sacrosanct, where such polarities as East and West converge and spirituality and materialism can stand side by side, we can truly seize the possibility of moving into the seat of creator—of our fortunes, our relationships, our lives.


“Imagine a book that centers around possibilities and is totally aligned with the spirit of coaching. Parables for the New Conversation is that book. It is an amazing creative masterpiece, valuable for all who seek to know their life’s purpose and fulfill their dreams.”—Adria Trowhill, Master Certified Coach, 2008 Canadian Coach of the Year

“It is easy for us to live our lives devoid of reflection.  Parables are a wonderful method of slowing us down so that we can engage in much needed reflection.  Richard’s parables are good ones and well worth reading.”—Lorne Ellingson, author of Conversations that Matter: a Path to Personal and Professional Growth

“A deeply spiritual self-help text that succeeds in the ambitious task of offering practical life-lessons for the religious, atheistic and agnostic alike.”—Andrew McCambridge

Parables for the New Conversation has a critical and optimistic message that it is never too late to have more meaningful relationships, inner peace and happiness. It is a very important book that should stand proudly in your collection alongside Covey’s The 7 Habits for Highly Effective People and Millman’s Way of the Peaceful Warrior.”—Alan Cohen

“Excellent, witty, and down to earth, easy to read and I especially enjoy his parables that everybody can relate to. I absolutely recommend this book!”—Dominique Pirolo

“A courageous and honest book, which challenges us to think about our world in a whole new way.”—Greg Kligman

“As we struggle to find connectedness and happiness in this every-changing global world, people like Richard Enos are reminding us that life is supposed to be fun, and the achievement of this is within our own power. I loved the short parables at the beginning of each chapter and found myself wanting to be a part of the “New Conversation”—allowed to be free to be myself, while allowing others the same courtesy. WELL WORTH THE READ!!”—Christine Selma

Parables for the New Conversation is packed with stimulating insights and reflections, that, for the most part, we overlook because we are just too busy. Every chapter makes you think.”—Barry Transleau

“After reading this inspiring book, I found myself with a different perspective on many parts of my life, which I quite honestly would never have taken the time to consider otherwise. Richard portrays his thoughts in an intriguing way, continually leading me to consider the next message I needed to understand!”—Rick Harrison

“Very insightful. Challenges how you think!”—David Roussy

“A fresh, inspiring look at what it means to be human.”—Ryan Lague

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