The White Shirt Movement

white shirtThe White Shirt Movement is a non-violent awareness movement that seeks to lift the veil of lies that have been ubiquitous to human history and bring a critical mass of people into a recognition of the true source and purpose of the major social, political, and religious events that have shaped human evolution up to now.

We are living in a moment in history where the deceptions and the attempts to cover them up is getting more difficult, where secrets are being revealed and courageous whistleblowers are coming out from the underbelly of deception to clue us into what is really going on. Among what we are learning now is:

  • our Political Leaders are not in charge
  • the rationale for war is always a lie
  • the banking system does not promote our wealth
  • organized religion does not help save our souls
  • our freedom is not being protected
  • our minds are not really our own
  • the medical profession is not about health
  • the food industry is not about health
  • our history is a mix of slants, omissions, and full-on fabrications
  • our mainstream media is not objective
  • our greatest inventions are not being funded or promoted

The White Shirt Movement holds that awakening is the very reason for us being here at this time. Members are asked to wear a simple white shirt without corporate logos or lettering as a declaration that we know what is going on.

“Your lesson is authority—to become your own authority, and to stop giving over your decision-making process to governmental people, or parents, or teachers, or gods. It is time for the people of Earth to become sovereign.”–Barbara Marciniak 

Stay posted for the Facebook page which will be set up shortly.

5 thoughts on “The White Shirt Movement

  1. Just what the Internet needs…another page from another conspiracy nutcase.
    I wish you guys would all just go live on your own special planet already.

    • Hi John, thanks for sharing. I realize I must be on the right track when I start getting comments like this. To paraphrase Shakespeare, “Methinks the gentleman doth protest too much.” Peace, brother.

  2. John: I agree with your sentiment about the internet being a fertile breeding ground for conspiracy theorists. There may however be a nicer way to send it.

    Richard: your list of “lies” presumes a really, really naive population. Take the food industry. Who in the world possibly could believe the food INDUSTRY is about health?? Aren’t donuts, ice cream, m&m’s, Big Macs, stuffed-crust pizza, bacon, beer, and twinkles all part of the food industry? Do you really think there is a person alive who will be shocked to hear this isn’t health food? Are you suggesting next time I eat a Snickersbar, I do so in a white shirt to show the powers that be that I’m onto them? C’mon man, have some faith in our intelligence. We know a cheeseburger isn’t a kale smoothie. And we’re glad it’s not.

    • Hi Greg,
      It looks like my expression of this particular point was too vague and hence led to your misunderstanding. Sorry about that. What I am referring to here is how agencies like the FDA, who are tasked with protecting public health in the food industry, are under the control of large private corporations, and have been caught falsifying test data, suppressing critical issues with some products they have approved, and knowingly allowed food to go into the public realm that had significant health and even fatality risks.

  3. Wow, I’m amazed at the generalizing, and the cynicism. The FDA has literally thousands of employees. And the corporations you believe control it likely have masses of employees too. Is it really such a shock that there will be corrupt people among them, or those who value their own monitary gain over the wellbeing of others? But to paint the whole organization with a broad stroke like you have really devalues the efforts of what no doubt is a majority of people who do care about doing good. You’ve no doubt got examples of products that have gone through approval that should not have. But I have no doubt there are also countless cases of them having done their job correctly and ethically.
    I think the world is actually a pretty good place. With so many people living on one spinning rock, there are bound to be deviants. But I think focusing on the good is best. However, if you do want to improve things, and there certainly is room for improvement, I’d suggest real action. The only benefit to wearing a white shirt is if you’re planning to roll up your sleeves and actually do something. But I don’t think engaging in arm-chair conspiracy theories is productive. (Unless, that is, you’re a shill for the white shirt industry).

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