Day 53: Coasting

It seems like this blog is becoming more of a ‘notes to myself’ situation so I’m not entirely sure of what the readership will get from it, but I’ll keep it honest and I guess it’ll have whatever effect it’ll have on those who are continuing to read it.

I feel like I’m coasting at the moment and I’m not sure if that’s a good thing (but it feels pretty good). I’m feeling good about and really ‘picturing’ abundance coming in and growing. I’m not really doing my consciousness ‘work’ as much as I would have expected. It seems that lulls in spiritual growth occur so often when the external circumstances improve. I am going to consider the question over the next few days as to whether I’m falling into a familiar trap or if I’m actually moving forward in the best way.


Day 52: In the Flow

I was quite busy yesterday, had 3 hours with my new tutoring students which went very well, and got the feeling it was the start of something bigger, in terms of abundance. It is likely that those who are skeptical about one’s ability to manifest through intention would always point to the actual ‘work’ being done as the source of abundance rather than seeing the very opportunity coming out of intention. So be it. I can only say that I am n a state where my confidence about generating abundance is quite strong, and the doubts are fading. And I have to say, in all honesty, that I’m not even working hard at keeping the intention in mind. I am just enjoying being in the flow at the moment and feeling powerful. We will see where that brings us to by the end of the year.

Day 50: Light and Dark

It has been said that we all have walked paths of light and paths of darkness, and they have all served us in our evolution. And so it is ever incumbent upon us not to judge another, nor label their path as wrong. At-one-ment is the connection to all that is, not simply to those things we deem as ‘good’. In this way, we gain the power not only to reconcile with those around us, but also with our own past.

Day 49: Abundance

Synchronicity Alert #5: Today I’m just going to do the synchronicity alert regarding our quest for abundance because it is significant. We have been given a small sum of money (which one could say was a repayment for our generosity in the past, though it wasn’t expected) that has got us to a place where we may be able to get fully out of debt by the time we move into our new rental house on May 1st. This means that our new start in a new home will mark the beginning of us moving into red figures towards our goal to manifest a down payment for a house. This will further be enhanced by my new flexibility to get some work as my in-laws are available to take care of our baby as needed. I’m gaining confidence in this process by the day!

Day 48: Falling into Place

I just got the feeling today that once I really follow through on what the quiet voice of my inner wisdom seems to be telling me, and get more familiar with the ‘naturalness’ of being kind and loving, things fall into place and start to work. We saw a rental home today that has just about everything we are looking for at the price we were hoping for, and the whole process seemed very easy and relaxed.

The struggle is changing our own habits of blocking our natural desire for love and unity. And once we get a taste of life of the natural flow of choosing love over divisiveness, we come to expect that our days become more and more harmonious. I’m in the middle of this sort of shift so it’s a bit difficult to describe it objectively, but we must be doing something right if we are starting to feel more ease and joy as time goes on raising our 1-year old son, while looking for a new place to live and trying to manifest abundance.

Day 47: Practical Matters

Today reflection took a back seat to practical matters, and my mind is still full with talking to a Real Estate agent about our moving to a more affordable place (we have an appointment to see a nice place tomorrow), as well as arranging more equitable mobile phone/Internet deals. However we are clearing up our financial ‘space’ and are both feeling more grounded going forward with my/our plans to manifest abundance.

All part of the process!

Day 46: Innocence

About a year ago I got a custom frame for my favorite needlepoint hand-stitched by my father. Only recently some of the surface had loosened and I brought it back to the framer to be fixed, hoping he wouldn’t charge for it.

Not only did the framer fix the problem, he saw that the frame had been slightly damaged and he replaced the entire frame with a brand new custom frame of the same wood. He did not ask for a cent.

This man is a quiet, humble, cheerful Indian man. I was struck by his gently, almost bashful generosity. It reminded me of a word I have heard a few times in spiritual lectures I have listened to, that there is a basic and beautiful innocence to the human soul, a natural desire to act out of love and kindness.

Reaching our own innocence, our own inner child, in a way seems to be the prize we are really after. And being graced with experiences like the one I had today certainly encourages me to get more in touch with my own innocence, my own natural desire towards love and kindness.